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About the Project

The Safer Drive 65 project will extend an added travel lane along northbound and southbound I-65 from the current end of a third lane in each direction near Blue Lick Road in Clark County.  The intent is to reconstruct as much of the existing travel lanes as possible while also widening to install an added lane each way.  The design-build best value (DBBV) fixed fee, best design procurement process will be used to determine how far this travel lane extension can reach. 

INDOT is putting in place performance-based specifications to allow contractors flexibility in design. This use of a best design to meet the available $203.7 million budget is an innovative design-build contract delivery model.

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  • Superstructure replacements and bridge widening at crossings of I-65 over Blue Lick Creek and over Caney Fork

  • Bridge deck overlays at I-65 over Pigeon Roost Creek

  • Minor pier repairs at County Line Road over I-65

  • Possible bridge widening at I-65 over Brownstown Road

  • One 1,400’ long Noise Barrier Wall south of SR 160

  • Replacement of an Automatic Traffic Recorder north of SR 160

  • Pavement Rehabilitation in areas where travel lanes are not added

  • Various culvert repairs within the limits of pavement reconstruction

Improvements anticipated to be included with the project include:


  • Address Deteriorating Pavement Conditions, including identified subgrade issues

  • Mitigate Current and Future Traffic Capacity Deficiencies with Added Travel Lanes

  • Improve Safety Measures along the corridor


  • Reset or extend the service life of the facility a minimum of 20 years

  • Correct underlying subgrade and drainage issues

  • Prepare for projected traffic demand

  • Compliance with Freeway Design Criteria

  • Up to 13 miles of roadway improvements in Clark and Scott Counties, with a focus on added travel lanes (ATL) and pavement reconstruction.

  • Includes superstructure and widening work on at least 4 bridges along I-65, and desirably more widening and rehab work on 5 more bridges.

  • Roadway rehabilitation work wherever ATL is infeasible.

  • Fixed price fee of $203.7 million.

  • Proposers will identify which improvements they will include in the best design, supplementing base bid elements.

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